Winnie Stewart, Prolific Knitter

Winnie departed Glasgow on Christmas day 1963 to meet her fiancée Duncan who was eagerly awaiting her arrival in Melbourne. Four weeks later they were married on Robert Burns's birthday, the 25th January. Packing for what she thought would be 2-3 years in Australia, Winnie was selective in what she'd take on her journey. One item that she would never leave behind was her knitting bag, which she was gifted at the age of 9 or 10. As a school girl in Glasgow, she'd meet religiously with friends for "Sewing Bee Monday", and from there her craft of sewing and knitting was born.



Winnie uses the same knitting bag today, 68 years later, working some her original needles from childhood. She and Duncan made a happy life and family in Melbourne, where she still calls home. We're honoured to have such a perfectionist knitting our beautiful range of doggie scarves, made with love from pure Australian wool.

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