Our Story

We love dogs, and we love special things. And we believe there's nothing more special than lavishing your best friend with the best.

You won't find mass-produced imports in our collection, only premium pieces crafted from the best materials, made locally by hand in Australia.

Our collective background draws from textile design, fashion and branding with many years of experience in the retail environment.

Houndsome products are designed in our studio in Seddon, Victoria, and produced in collaboration with our community of specialist makers and suppliers.

We are a proudly Australian made and owned brand. When you purchase our products, you’re directly benefiting our community of local makers and supporting home-grown small businesses and manufacturing. Buying locally-made shortens the distance of transportation and lowers carbon emissions compared to goods produced offshore. Australia’s rigorous environmental protection and fair work policies ensure we’re looking after our planet and protecting the rights of the workers who make our beautiful products.

We've create a timeless collection of beautifully crafted pieces that have been made for a life-time of love. 

Local, exceptional quality, made to last.