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For 150 years, Waverley Mills has been creating Australia’s finest textiles at its historic weaving mill located on the banks of Distillery Creek in Launceston. It is the last mill of its kind in Australia to take raw wool fibre and transform it into beautifully finished products. The spinning of sheep fleece into yarn, dying, fabric weaving and finishing is all done onsite in Tasmania, under one roof.

The mill's history is a remarkable story of survival and success, embodying the spirit and commitment of generations of workers and artisans. Some have been with the mill for decades and are now passing on their expertise to the next wave of local dyers, weavers, and finishers. The resilience of the mill is a testament to its commitment to local manufacturing and embracing new technology to enhance traditional craftsmanship. Its premium quality Australian wool products are recognised worldwide.

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weaving loom operator working at textile mill
man working at waverley mills

Houndsome has proudly partnered with Waverley Mills to create our limited-edition Black Cockatoo fabric, crafted from luxurious Australian-farmed pure Merino wool. Working closely and in collaboration with their textile engineer and expert production team, we've created a beautiful, unique and sustainable fabric for our range of Duncan Sportcoats and Patty Wool Blankets. Although incredibly soft, Black Cockatoo is also durable and machine washable - making it the ideal fabric for our dogs.

two women checking colour on a loom at waverley mills
close up of houndsome black cockatoo wool on loom at waverley mills

💡 Did you know...

Dog’s love natural fibres, and wool is one of world's the most sought after recycled textiles. We choose premium Australian Merino wool for our blankets, sportcoats, sweaters and tees. Click here for some Merino wool facts and benefits as to why Merino is such a perfect fibre for your dog.


Houndsome and Waverley Mills share a commitment to a more circular economy where resource recovery, recycling, and waste reduction are central. As part of this commitment, all manufacturing offcuts from our Black Cockatoo sportcoats are returned to Waverley Mills for processing into their recycled wool yarns, closing the loop and minimising our environmental footprint. Learn more about what sustainability means at Houndsome.

Our collaboration with Waverley Mills represents more than just a partnership – it's a shared journey towards a more sustainable and locally-driven future. Our Black Cockatoo collection is crafted with passion and purpose, embracing quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Click here to learn about what Australian-made means for pets, people and the planet.

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Waverley Mills Collaboration: Black Cockatoo

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